Retirement Villages vs. Aged Care

What’s the difference between retirement village and aged care? When you’re embarking on the transition into retirement, there’s a lot to consider. At Centennial Living, we understand how much emotional upheaval some people face during this time. If you’re looking to downsize from your home that you’ve lived in for most of your life, then…Read More→

Staying Active in Retirement

How do the elderly stay active in retirement? When you retire, it’s not just your job that will be ending. This period of your life is a transitional time for lots of different aspects. The social activities that may have come with a work environment can be lost and the mental load that you were…Read More→

8 Benefits of Independent Community Living

Benefits of independent living for seniors So you’ve reached retirement: Congratulations! It’s time to slow things down, take up some great new hobbies and focus on everything you’ve been working so hard towards. When you’re thinking about the next steps towards setting yourself up for a relaxing, low maintenance lifestyle, there are a lot of…Read More→

Assisted Living VS. Aged Care

What’s the difference between assisted living in a serviced apartment and aged care? It’s a question that is often asked, but not always clearly answered. For total clarification on serviced apartments and how they are different to aged care homes, we need to look at what is included in the services. An aged care nursing…Read More→

How to Choose the Best Senior Living Community

There’s no doubt about it: there are so many different retirement and senior living communities throughout Australia. You’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed with the choice and the plethora of information for you to get through. There are plenty of things you will need to consider when looking for the best fit for…Read More→

What Over 55 Living Means & Its Pros and Cons

Understanding the pros and cons of living in an over 55 community Moving out of the home you’ve lived in for the majority of your life can seem like a huge change, however getting older and making positive adjustments to your living arrangements can ensure a more comfortable retirement period. There are so many wonderful…Read More→

The Best Ways to Enjoy the Colder Months

If last year taught us anything, it’s that making time to get out and about is all important when it comes to staying fit and healthy. We all worked hard to find ways to stay active and connected throughout lock-down, and now isn’t the time to let go of those habits! Through the colder months…Read More→

Four Australian Book Releases to Look Forward To

Winter is well and truly here, and there’s no better time to go back to that New Year’s resolution to read more. Reading is something we all know we should be doing more of – but finding the right book to sink your teeth into can be hard! Fortunately, there are plenty of new releases…Read More→

The Five Key Benefits of Downsizing in Retirement

small but well appointed kitchen space

A big home might have been exactly what you needed in the past, but that isn’t always going to be true for everyone. It might be that you have a few extra rooms you don’t need anymore, or a big property that is turning into more work than it should be. Whatever it is, downsizing…Read More→