Tips for Selling Your Home

Tips for Selling Your Home by Centennial Living

If you’ve got your heart set on downsizing as you make the step into retirement, you’ve no doubt wondered about how you’re going to take on the challenge of selling your home. Fortunately for you, we’ve had countless conversations with our residents about their experience with selling their home – and we’ve learned a thing…Read More→

What Kind of Hobbyist Are You?

Expressing your Creativity & Hobbies in Retirement

The COVID-19 pandemic has been disruptive to say the least. But while we have all had to work to keep ourselves entertained, connected, and engaged – this period has brought with it some opportunities to learn some things about ourselves and how we tick. We’re talking about the hobbies and pastimes that we’ve used to…Read More→

When is Retirement Right for You?

When is Retirement Right for You?

Australian’s are a lucky bunch. We live long lives and have the freedom to do all sorts of things that people from other parts of the world simply don’t get the opportunity to experience. But with all that freedom comes the pressure of making our own decisions – and one of the biggest decisions of…Read More→

What is Independent Living?

What is Independent Living - Keilor Retirement Village

Starting out on a new phase in our lives tends to bring with it plenty of questions. There is always so much to consider and so many areas that we might need greater clarity in. In this article, we wanted to take the opportunity to clear up a common misconception – one relating to the…Read More→

Rediscovering the Joy of Cooking in Isolation

Rediscovering the Joy of Cooking in Isolation

Under different circumstances, we would love to talk about the social side of cooking. There is just something so special about having friends and family over and enjoying a meal together. But at the moment, lock down measures and the need for social distancing have made it impossible to enjoy these experiences together, at least…Read More→

The Value of the Living in a Retirement Village During COVID-19


Difficult times call for us to come together – even if that means remaining physically apart. See how the community at Keilor Village is dealing with COVID-19 The Value of Community in Overcoming COVID-19 This year has presented challenges to us all. Usually, we would be eager to take the opportunity to talk to you…Read More→

What to Ask When Looking for A Retirement Village

What to Ask When Looking for A Retirement Village

Home is where the heart is – we have all heard this saying before, but it’s up to us to choose how we interpret it. Where we live and where we have a great deal of personal history is a matter that needs to be treated with respect. Where we decide to live in retirement…Read More→

Fitness at Taylors Hill

Fitness at Taylors Hill

Retirement is an opportunity to make changes to the way that you approach so many things in your life. With your work obligations taking a back seat, you’ll find you have more time on your hands to look after the things that mean the most to you. Many of our residents find the first few…Read More→

Seamless Living at Our Serviced Apartments

Seamless Living at Our Services Apartments

Keilor Retirement Village is a place where like-minded individuals are brought together by a desire for community, while being able to live independently. If you have found yourself considering the move into a retirement community, you should know that Keilor Retirement Village is host to a range of living options. In this article, we want…Read More→