We offer a range of Independent Living Retirement Village Villa Units and Apartments across Melbourne.

Are you looking for an affordable, safe, and friendly retirement village? 
Centennial Living villages are surprisingly affordable an offer a relaxed, safe lifestyle with lots of social activities to enjoy.
You’re welcome to attend our Open Day where you can have a look around in a no pressure environment.

What Our Centennials Say

Retire to A Village with A Difference

Retirement is an exciting step in our lives. It’s a chance to set aside the challenges and stresses of working life and create a lifestyle that matches how we truly want to live. Our villages are places for those seeking to continue living independently and enjoying what an active and vibrant community has to offer.

Our Retirement Villages

Each of our retirement villages are unique. But in each you will find the same commitment to fostering a sense of community and togetherness that makes each day special. An unending and diverse range of activities, beautifully appointed units, apartments, and village amenities are there for you to enjoy everyday.
We encourage you to explore what each of our retirement villages has to offer.

Taylors Hill, Keilor and Burnside Retirement Villages put you squarely at the heart of a community that knows how to make the most of a sunny day. Bowling greens, hobby gardens and BBQ areas and the village are all situated close to a local shopping district.
Cameron Close in Burwood and Bundoora Villages are the choice for those who enjoy a full social calendar. With an ongoing series of events, activities and get-togethers to enjoy, there is nowhere better for those that enjoy an active social life.

Long Island Village in Seaford is the perfect place for those that want a balance of space and company. We encourage you to ask about the home options and community inclusiveness that makes life at Centennial Living villages unique.

Safety, security, everything you need

Centennial Living villages are places where you can feel safe and secure. Our villages, in Burnside, Keilor, Burwood, Seaford, Bundoora, Reservoir and Taylors Hill, are home to a welcoming community of like minded retirees that understand the value of community.
Enjoy the pleasures of superb facilities, support where you need it, and beautifully appointed homes here with us at Centennial Living.