Make Life Easier with Our Serviced Apartments

Centennial Living’s serviced apartments are suited to people who would like to live independently with some help to make life easier. Our serviced apartments are located within the village community centre where there is always someone to talk to and a relaxed community atmosphere to enjoy.

Serviced Apartment Extra Support
  • Benefit from visiting health professionals and allied health services 
  • Benefit from access to additional in-home care services including those with government funding 
  • Activities to suit every lifestyle and ability
  • Pharmacy services and deliveries
Tasty, Chef-Prepared Daily Meals 
  • Centennial Living villages provide 3 meals a day to serviced apartment residents
  • Every meal is freshly prepared to the highest standards of quality and flavour
  • Enjoy the social side of eating in the dining room or have your meal delivered to your room
Join In the Social Activities
  • You will have more time to partake in a variety of social activities. 
  • Join in as much or as little as you like. There are morning teas,  music and other entertainment, art, craft and hobby groups, gentle exercise classes, board games, movies, seasonal events, swimming, shopping and day trips in the village bus.
Safety and  Security
  • Serviced Apartments are located within the village community centre for extra safety and support and with easy access to everything the village has to offer.
  • Emergency call buttons are in every unit
  • Staff onsite provide an additional peace of mind
Be Freed up from Cleaning & Laundry
  • Your assisted living apartment will be cleaned for you every week.
  • Laundering of bed linen and towels will be done for you. 
Affordable Living
  • You may be surprised with how affordable assisted living serviced apartments can be. Whilst the entry price varies between villages, Centennial Living has many serviced apartments with an entry price less than you might expect. When you move in, you pay a monthly service fee to cover costs such as your daily meals, cleaning, rates, electricity and other services.
Instead of Aged Care
  • Many residents find serviced apartments are a welcome alternative to aged care. Living in a serviced apartment with extra support and assistance can be the right choice for some people as an alternative to living in an aged care facility prematurely.

Centennial Living has assisted living serviced apartments in many different locations including Burnside, Keilor, Latrobe, Bundoora, Cameron Close and Long Island. Call 1300 098 00 or for more information go to the contact us page


How do assisted living facilities work?

After downsizing from your private home, an assisted living serviced apartment gives you the opportunity to live freely without having to maintain the space on your own.

You’ll have the independence you need without being totally isolated when you require help. Emergency call systems, transport, personal care, cleaning, maintenance and social activities are all included in the fee you pay to live in an assisted living facility.

What is included in serviced apartment living?

When you choose to live in a serviced apartment within the village, there are plenty of things that are included on a daily or weekly basis:

  • Garden maintenance
  • Emergency call system
  • Meal options
  • Social gatherings
  • Recreational facilities
  • Cleaning services
  • Annual wellbeing check up
  • On site nurse
  • Laundry service

Why choose to live in a serviced apartment?

When it comes to your retirement years, choosing to receive some living assistance will give you and your loved ones peace of mind on many fronts. Living in a serviced apartment comes with  a lot of benefits including:

  • Avoiding social isolation and loneliness
  • Extra in home services can be arranged
  • Being independent yet supported
  • Being part of the village community with plenty of social activities
  • Delicious nutritional meals without the cooking
  • No home maintenance
  • Transportation can be arranged
  • Increased safety and security