Out of the Box Activities for The Elderly

Last modified on January 26th, 2024

By the time we reach our mid-60s, most people will feel as if it’s their time to relax and kick off their work boots. But with so much extra time to fill and the sudden loss of a career, some might find it overwhelming to fill their day with stimulating and emotionally engaging games for seniors that can help maintain your mental and physical health. 


While most pop culture associates retirement with sitting on a porch swing and trips to look after the grandchildren, retirement opens up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities to learn something new or spend time on things we love. For some activity ideas for the elderly that are out of the box and will prompt their minds to think in new ways or reevaluate the idea of relaxation, continue reading. 


Spa or Self Care Day 

Everyone will be able to recognise the importance of self-care at any stage in their life. Holding a spa day at your retirement village or going out on your own little spa day is an excellent activity for elderly men and women to sit back and slow down and take some time out for themselves in a way they might not have had time for before. Whether this means getting your nails done, booking a massage or bathhouse experience, a spa day can offer the chance to learn something new you like or a new way to unwind after a long day. 


Pet Therapy 

Everybody loves pets, and while some may not have the space or budget to look after their own pet throughout retirement, there are other ways to bask in the positive energy and perspective that pets bring to people. 


Most people would say that spending time rubbing a dog’s belly or listening to a cat purr while you smooch brings a warm and fuzzy feeling. Pet therapy offers a space where those who have moved into assisted living to reconnect and fill the gap that older family pets may have left. Spending time with pets has even seen proof of improvement in a senior’s mental and physical health and offers a great way to bring some joy to their day.


Music Therapy 

The magic of music truly has no limits. With music therapy being used for a range of age groups, including those who live with dementia, it can offer cognitive stimulation and a chance to practise mindfulness and let the song’s tune take focus. Trained music therapists will run a session to entertain and provide a different perspective and form of stimulation to varying ages. Music therapy also offers a great type of brain game for seniors to learn more about music and rhythm. It also creates a space for seniors to enjoy harmonious tunes from all music periods with others. 


Board and Card Games

Board games and card games come in thousands of different variations and ideas. Some games will focus on mental stimulation through puzzles and brain games designed for seniors, while others will utilise memory and maths to test our brains. Board games offer a great way to test your cognitive capabilities while socialising with new or old friends. Because most board games are physical, they can also bring a sense of independence to those who play, boosting the confidence levels of retirees. 



For a group or individual activity that’s quite different, a visit to a local winery is a great option. Grown on gorgeous vineyards spanning across rolling green hills, wineries are another great place to soak in the moment and beauty of nature. With tours and tastings available, a trip to a winery is a great activity to test your taste buds and expand the reach of your senses. Wineries are also a great place to visit with family and loved ones and can be a place to challenge each other’s perceptions whilst spending some quality time together.     



Photography is a skill that anyone can learn. You don’t have to be a professional with fancy gear to take great photos. As long as you have a camera, you’ll be able to take great photos that interest you. Whether you enjoy taking pictures of people, nature or still-life objects, photography offers a great opportunity to explore more neighbourhoods and parks while enjoying some fresh air. Photography is also a great activity for the elderly who want to keep active and can even become the source for gifts and crafts. A photo can speak a thousand words, so why not spend some time taking the perfect shot with meaning for someone you love.