8 Benefits of Independent Community Living

Benefits of independent living for seniors

So you’ve reached retirement: Congratulations! It’s time to slow things down, take up some great new hobbies and focus on everything you’ve been working so hard towards. When you’re thinking about the next steps towards setting yourself up for a relaxing, low maintenance lifestyle, there are a lot of things to consider. At Centennial Living, we are here to support you in the decision making process and provide you with all the wonderful benefits of making your move into a senior’s independent living arrangement.


The benefits of moving into the best seniors independent living villages

When you’re looking around for retirement independent living options, you’ll to need consider a lot of different aspects to know exactly what is right for you in your retirement years. The fee structures vary across providers and at  Centennial Living  we recommend  that you discuss the fees with your financial adviser. This will help you to understand it better, in the context of your own financial situation.

Maintenance free living

The benefits of downsizing means that you will have fewer maintenance jobs to tend to. No more mowing the lawns or trimming the edges, changing light bulbs, painting, cleaning out the gutters or any other odd jobs that you’ve become accustomed to doing yourself. When you move to an independent senior living village, there will be helpful grounds staff that can assist you with the external home maintenance (note: internal maintenance is the responsibility of the resident, the village staff help with minor things such as getting a light globe changed.

Helpful staff

A home care support package via a third party company can be arranged for residents. This type of package can be funded by the government or privately and staff can be made available for additional assistance if you require it. Other helpful services include:

• A qualified nurse onsite at all villages

• Free annual wellbeing check-ups for residents

• Extra services are available from our care partners. Ask about home help, domestic cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, transport to appointments, meal preparation, personal care, medication management, in-home nursing, pet care, health support.



Living in a retirement village is a fantastic way to get a sense of independence while having the benefits of a 24 hour call button for emergency assistance. To keep you safe day to day, there are handrails in the bathrooms, thoughtfully designed living spaces and  smoke detectors. Wellness checks are available via the dedicated village nurse who is there to assist when needed.


A community for independent living gives residents a fantastic balance of privacy and social life. Living in close quarters with like-minded retirees is important for the social aspect of life and will give you the opportunity to meet new people to create a little community for yourself. Whether it’s scheduled activities or something you have planned yourself, there will always be people around to share your time with. Keeping up your social engagements and not becoming isolated is incredibly important for mental wellbeing in your retirement years and you never know who you might meet!


Independent senior living is exactly that: independent. You can opt for all the privacy you would like, participating in village life as much or as little as you please. Enjoy your quiet time at home or head out for more social interaction,: the choice is yours.


One incredibly beneficial aspect you’ll notice when moving into an independent community living arrangement in Australia is the plethora of wonderful activities that you can enjoy. Retirement is intended to be taken at your own pace, so you can join in classes like arts and crafts, hobby groups, fitness groups such as yoga, walking or tai chi, or even cultural programs and excursions are available for you to access when you’re a part of a community for independent living.


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The best independent community living in Australia could be just around the corner for you. Take a step towards a healthier, happier, more flexible lifestyle for your retirement years and call us today. To learn more about life with Centennial Living, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can reach out to us today by calling  1300 098 000 or leaving an enquiry via our contact form.