Perks of the Retirement Lifestyle at Centennial Living

Our facilities and activities are created based on our decades of experience, insight and expertise in the senior living sector. When you choose to stay in our retirement village, rest assured that you will enjoy lifestyle and support services that are specifically tailored to benefit your individual needs and wellbeing. 


The benefits of joining our retirement community 

The retirement communities at Centennial Living offer a broad option of activities and environments that accommodate almost any interest and needs. Whether you’re looking for an active lifestyle, assisted living services, or a community to participate in new hobbies, our programs can help you accomplish your goals, maintain your wellbeing, and most importantly, make the most of your retirement days. Here are the benefits that you can expect when you choose to live in one of our retirement villages.


1. Maintain strong social connection 

According to numerous studies and research, social connection is helpful in improving your physical and mental health as well as emotional wellbeing. At Centennial Living, we plan and create social events and activities that include dinners, outings, tournaments, workshops, classes, and more to help you foster relationships with our other residents. 


2. Reliable health support and care management 

When you choose to stay with us, rest assured that you can benefit from accessible and quality health services. To provide assistance for any health emergencies, we have emergency call buttons in every unit. There is also a registered nurse working at the village during business hours to promote resident wellbeing and we offer free annual wellbeing check-ups for all of our residents. 


3. Expansive recreational activities and facilities

Our retirement villages are equipped with extensive facilities and services accessible to all residents. Enjoy every moment of your stay with us and take advantage of the following amenities to fulfill your social and personal needs:

• Community centre and lounge 

• Billiards table

• BBQ area 

• Outdoor entertaining area 

• Dining room 

• Hair and beauty salon

• Library

• Shop and kiosk 

• Arts and craft room 

• Medical consultation suite 

• Games room 

• Dance floor 

• Gym 

• And more. 


4. Reliable security system 

With onsite managers and staff at the village, you will always feel safe and secure during your stay at our retirement village. To ensure your peace of mind, there are gated entrances in every village and installed emergency call buttons in every unit. 


5. Warranty and unit buy back guarantee

Our policies are created to provide you with financial security when you buy a unit at our retirement village. We offer a 12-month warranty on your unit fixtures, fittings, chattels and other specified appliances, as well as a unit buy back guarantee; if your unit remains unsold after 18 months, we will buy it back from you. 


6. Pet-friendly space 

Pets are an important part of the family, so feel free to bring along your furry friend to stay with you. Well-behaved pets are welcome at our retirement villages.


Enjoy an active lifestyle at our retirement villages

At Centennial Living, we are dedicated to providing retirement communities that enrich and benefit the lives of older Australians. With a wide array of events, activities, and services, trust our resources to build a lifestyle that caters to your health, recreation, as well as other daily needs. 

Whether it’s participating in social and community programs or enjoying leisurely activities with friends, you can stay active and engaged during your retirement years when you choose to stay at our retirement village. 

Learn more about daily life at a Centennial Living village from our current staff and residents. If you’d like to view our village in person, you can also get in touch with our friendly team to arrange a personal village tour.