What Over 55 Living Means & Its Pros and Cons

Last modified on July 11th, 2023

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Understanding the pros and cons of living in an over 55 community

Moving out of the home you’ve lived in for the majority of your life can seem like a huge change, however getting older and making positive adjustments to your living arrangements can ensure a more comfortable retirement period. There are so many wonderful benefits that you’ll be able to experience when you begin to research over 55 communities in Melbourne.

The benefits of living in 55 plus retirement communities


Remaining mentally and physically independent has been shown to assist with increasing your lifespan. This can be facilitated by making the decision to move into specialised retirement living for over 55’s. People who live in retirement communities can enjoy greater independence and make choices autonomously for much longer. The emotional empowerment that comes with the opportunity to live independently gives people a sense of purpose and meaning.


No matter what age you are, connection is incredibly important, but to someone who may have been widowed or displaced from their original home, spending meaningful time with others is imperative. The physical, mental and emotional benefits that come with staying socially engaged as a senior are evident. Residing in an over 55 retirement community gives people the opportunity to connect with their neighbours, join in fitness and other classes, take up a new hobby or engage through organised social events. Those who live in a 55 plus retirement village are more likely to live a socially active lifestyle with daily interactions and support than those who are living alone at home.


The best over 55 retirement communities will offer a variety of options to suit different lifestyles and abilities. You can live as independently as you like for as long as you need or you can enlist further support and assistance with everyday activities like meal preparation, laundry and cleaning. The best thing about the flexibility you get from over 55 resort living is the ability to choose what is and isn’t required for you to live a happy and healthy retired life.


Over 55 retirement villages offer strong safety in the physical sense and also health wise. You’ll have easy and quick access to emergency assistance if a medical episode or a fall was to occur in your retirement village home. Many 55 plus retirement communities have medically trained staff and other care providers that are on call to help out when needed and to also perform regular health checks. Over 55 villages in Melbourne also provide the residents with gated protection at night, so you can rest assured that when you head off on a holiday, your property will be undisturbed and safe in your absence.


There is a plethora of things that will be made a whole lot easier when you choose to live in a 55 plus retirement community. Maintaining a house can be a challenge especially if you are finding that you are less mobile. Downsizing to a retirement village unit will make it easier to manage from a cleaning and maintenance perspective and you can even get someone in to help whenever you need.

Disadvantages of retirement living for over 55’s


In over 55 retirement communities, the monthly village fees can be fair but sometimes they can be excessive. It is always a great idea to do your research first, shop around and see what is included or if there are additional fees that could be hidden. Remember the village fees, sometimes called recurrent charges are similar to body corporate fees and they are managed via the village budget and Resident Committee. They are generally expended on maintenance of common property and the village facilities such as the community centre.


As with any contract you sign, thoroughly looking over the paperwork for your chosen retirement village will help you to find anything that you would like to query. The assistance of a legal professional is strongly recommended. The Victorian Consumer Affairs website has helpful information on retirement villages and is a useful independent reference point. Always seek advice before signing any of the contractual documents, as you want to feel confident that you thoroughly understand your contractual rights and obligations.

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