A Place for Everyone – Finding Community as a Single Resident

Social isolation is a significant concern for many entering retirement. For singles, it can weigh a little more heavily. Giving away the structure of your working life to enjoy freedom in retirement means also putting aside a lot of the more routine and incidental human connection and exchanges. Without your old routine to rely on for that regular contact, it becomes all the more important that you build up a new routine to take its place.

Taylors Hill Retirement Village is a place where singles and couples alike can come to enjoy the benefits of a community of like-minded retirees looking to make the most of their time together. In this article, we want to talk about what singles (and couples!) can do to embrace the fabulous community here at Taylors Hill.

The importance of maintaining a social circle

Retirement brings with it an opportunity to enjoy the sort of freedom that is so rare during our working lives. But it’s important that you make the effort to make the most of it! While you might have pursuits that you want to undertake on your own, it’s important too that you maintain a healthy social circle.

A strong social circle keeps you engaged with the world around you. It gives you something to be interested in when your go to points of interest start to feel a little dry. But what does it mean to maintain that circle, and what can you do to grow it? What all this means to you is going to be as unique as your history and those you have a history with!

Don’t be afraid of forming new connections

Many won’t need the reminder but making the effort to form new connections is very important. For those who have mostly formed close relationships with work colleagues and family in the past, this can be a big step but it is a great way to stave off any worry of isolation. We encourage you to devote at least some of your time to finding new and interesting people to connect with. Somewhere like Taylors Hill will give you plenty of opportunities to do just that.

Try new things!

Taylors Hill is a community that places a great emphasis on giving residents the opportunity to form new connections. For those looking for more than just a new home but also a community to come with it, you’ll find just that here with us.

At Taylor’s Hill Retirement Village, we host a variety of activities, classes and regular meetups that give our residents the chance to belong to a community and be part of  something bigger. There is something for everyone, and all it takes is making the leap into trying something new.

Discover what life at Taylors Hill holds for you

Taylors Hill Retirement Village is where you can find the community you’re looking for in retirement. We take pride in creating a strong community feeling among our residents and do this with a mixture of formal events and casual opportunities and activities to give you a chance to grow your circle here with us.

To find out more about life at Taylors Hill, you can reach out today by calling 1300 098 000, or leave an enquiry via our contact form and we’ll get back to you!


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