Seamless Living at Our Serviced Apartments

Keilor Retirement Village is a place where like-minded individuals are brought together by a desire for community, while being able to live independently. If you have found yourself considering the move into a retirement community, you should know that Keilor Retirement Village is host to a range of living options.

In this article, we want to give our readers some insight into the benefits of one particular style of living in Keilor  – a serviced apartment. We’re going to explore what a serviced apartment might mean to you, and some of the reasons why so many of our residents have chosen to make the move into a serviced apartment in Keilor Retirement Village.

What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment brings together the best of both worlds. A popular living arrangement for those entering a retirement community, a serviced apartment is a combination of the best parts of independent living, and the safety and security of support. 

A serviced apartment means daily meals are provided with the convenience of weekly cleaning and laundry services. No more having to worry about the more banal tasks of maintaining your living space, and yet all the freedom to do as you please!

The perfect balance of support and freedom

A serviced apartment in Keilor is just what so many of our residents have said that they were looking for when considering the move into a retirement community. For many of our residents, a weekly apartment spruce up and daily meals are all the help they need. There is more time to enjoy the village community activities and follow personal interests.

Taking up residence in a serviced apartment in Keilor Retirement Village, or perhaps at our sister village, Burnside Retirement Village, gives you the time and freedom to make the most of life. And it also provides you with the assurance of assistance should you need it.

Embrace community in Keilor Retirement Village

Community is the thing that binds our retirement communities together. For those striving to maintain their independence, enjoying life in a serviced apartment at Keilor Retirement Village is a brilliant way to do just that. There is an ease and comfort that comes with  having some of the more routine tasks of daily life taken care of and  we can’t recommend the support of our team enough.

Our staff are selected for their caring and friendly manner and are there to keep a look out for you, providing assistance as needed. Plus for those that like to keep busy there is a variety of activities to join in, bus trips, entertainment and hobby groups, it’s entirely up to you to partake as much or as little as you please.

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Keilor Retirement Village is home to like-minded individuals keen to make the most of their time with their friends , family and the community around them. To find out more about life with us at Centennial Living, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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