The Five Key Benefits of Downsizing in Retirement

small but well appointed kitchen space

A big home might have been exactly what you needed in the past, but that isn’t always going to be true for everyone. It might be that you have a few extra rooms you don’t need anymore, or a big property that is turning into more work than it should be. Whatever it is, downsizing might be the option for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to consider downsizing into a more convenient home with us at Taylors Hill Retirement Village.

A Smaller Home Means Reduced Costs

A big home costs money! It could be mortgage repayments, land tax, or just the general cost of maintenance, there’s always plenty to spend your hard-earned money on when it comes to looking after a big home. Retirement is a great opportunity to take stock of where you want your money to go. Downsizing will minimise your outgoings and potentially free up some resources to pay for all the things you want to do now that you’ve made the step away from working life!

Downsizing Means Less Stress

Larger homes can be stressful for reasons other than money! From general cleaning through to yard maintenance and more – it can be a great deal of work to stay on top of all the things you want handled. Centennial Living villages are places where you don’t have to worry about things like this. A smaller home eliminates much of the cleaning and maintenance inside, and regular maintenance throughout the villages themselves ensures that everything is looking great all year round.

Downsizing Gives You A Better Fit

Retirement is an opportunity to rework the way you live to better match what you need from your home at this stage in your life. Downsized spaces offer a better fit for some – giving you the opportunity to streamline your belongings and maybe splurge a little bit on nice feature pieces. Such living arrangements are usually simpler and easier.  

More Time Spent Out and About

A downsized and convenient home area can be more than comfortable, but another key benefit is that you tend to get out and about more when you’re looking for things to do. Life among our Centennial Living villages is filled with people who love getting out and about in the community and enjoying time spent together. Knowing that you’re only a short walk from the community centre or your favourite local spot is as good a reason as any to get outside and stay active.

A Move is the Perfect Way to Open a New Chapter

Moving into a new home, and particularly downsizing into a more convenient home in Taylors Hill Retirement Village, is the perfect way to open a new chapter. For all the reasons above and more, making the move into a home among a community like ours is a great way to get rid of the things you don’t want in your life anymore, and focus on the things you do.

Join us in Taylors Hill Retirement Village

If you’ve started to feel that your current home is a little too big to be right for you, you should seriously consider downsizing into a villa or apartment here with us in Taylors Hill Village, or one of our sister Centennial Living communities spread throughout Melbourne.

To learn more about life here with us at Centennial Living, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can get in touch with us by calling 1300 098 000 or leaving an enquiry via our contact form.