Four Australian Book Releases to Look Forward To

Winter is well and truly here, and there’s no better time to go back to that New Year’s resolution to read more. Reading is something we all know we should be doing more of – but finding the right book to sink your teeth into can be hard!

Fortunately, there are plenty of new releases to choose from – and in the spirit of keeping a finger on the pulse, we thought we’d put together a list of recent or upcoming Australian releases that we’re excited about here at Centennial Living.

Eating With My Mouth Open – Sam van Zweden

Eating With My Mouth Open by Sam van Zweden was released earlier this year. It’s already won broad acclaim, with many critics praising Sam van Zweden’s refreshingly honest approach to the discussions we should all be having about how we engage with and enjoy food. 

Throughout Eating With My Mouth Open, food is used as a jumping off point for deeper conversations about bodily health, mental health, and well-being more generally. A great read for those who found themselves cooking more last year and finding peace in that.

One Hundred Days – Alice Pung

One Hundred Days is perhaps the most highly anticipated Australian release of the year. It charts the relationship of sixteen-year-old Karuna and her over-protective mother – who confines her daughter to their 14th floor apartment in the commission flat they live in after discovering Karuna has fallen pregnant. What follows is a study of the odd cross-section of love and control that plays out between mother and daughter. An intense but rich read for anyone looking for a book to lose themselves in.

Hold Your Fire – Chloe Wilson

It wouldn’t be a recommendations list without a collection of short stories. Hold Your Fire is the debut of up-and-coming writer Chloe Wilson, and within it features some truly gripping stories set out in a charming and distinctive voice that critics are loving.

Of the themes that run through these stories, perhaps the most gripping is the tension between how we appear and how we are. Great reading for those who want something short, sharp and brilliantly written to start or finish their day with.

The Dry – Jane Harper

The Dry first hit shelves back in 2016, but the recent development of this debut novel from Jane Harper has just this year been adapted for the big screen – starring Eric Bana. If you’ve recently seen The Dry in cinemas or want to read Jane Harpers’ brilliantly written work before doing so – we can’t recommend it enough. The Dry is the perfect novel for those wanting to sink their teeth into a page-turner murder mystery that promises to catch and hold your attention from the start until the end.

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