Retirement Villages vs. Aged Care

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What’s the difference between retirement village and aged care?

When you’re embarking on the transition into retirement, there’s a lot to consider. At Centennial Living, we understand how much emotional upheaval some people face during this time. If you’re looking to downsize from your home that you’ve lived in for most of your life, then it’s a great idea to know what options are available to you. A retirement village could be the answer to your accommodation for the future – or you may need something a little more.

For a lot of Australians, living in a retirement village is a great lifestyle option. In a retirement village if you require additional support with day-to-day things like cleaning and cooking or laundry a retirement village serviced apartment could be a good choice.


Retirement Villages vs. Aged Care at a glance

It is often hard to know exactly where the differences between the two actually are. Compare and contrast the details of retirement village living and aged care facility services with our handy table:

Retirement Village

Aged Care Facility

Driven by lifestyle choices Driven by care needs
State Government legislation regulated Commonwealth legislation regulated
Residents enter into a private agreement with the village Eligibility is determined by assessment and residents enter into an agreement with a specific aged care provider
Self funded through personal finances, superannuation or pension Often subsidised by the Government for those who are eligible
Living is independent Nursing care and support services are provided daily
Residents can receive extra support via arrangement with a third party provider for a wide range of in home services from personal care, respite, shopping, transport, medication management just to name a few The cost structure and fees vary between aged care providers and an aged care assessment (known as an ACAT assessment) is required in order to be granted access to a fully or partially government funded aged care place in an aged care facility.
Additional services may vary Support services are specified

What is an aged care facility?

Residential aged care provides round the clock nursing supervision and assistance to aged care residents. Accommodation in a room, meals and social activities are all covered in the fees. These types of support services for senior residents help them to live life as safely and happily as possible when they are unable to live independently at home. Aged care facilities can provide an improved quality of life when it may be too risky for someone to live at home. Illness, mental health issues, lack of mobility or other general challenges that may come with ageing can all impact on a person’s ability to live independently or on their own in their home. The Australian Government funds Residential aged care for senior Australians who can no longer live independently at home and may qualify for assistance. This funding makes residential aged more affordable and accessible. Visit the government’s My Aged Care website to find information on how to access Australian Government funded aged care services.

At Centennial Living, we are happy to assist village residents transition from our independent living villages into an aged care facility if necessary.


What is a retirement village?

A retirement village provides people who are over the age of 55 with a living arrangement alternative to staying in their private home that gives them access to the village lifestyle facilities, a community of like minded people, opportunities for lots of social activities and in many cases a new lease on life Centennial Living villages are safe and secure villages that also have a qualified nurse working onsite during the week, for additional peace of mind. Wellbeing health checks are free to residents.

Retirement villages or independent living communities typically  consist of detached homes, town houses, villa units and apartments designed to be  low maintenance homes  that make your life much easier. Similarly, the facilities and activities may differ from location to location. Some villages feature amenities like bowling greens, a swimming pool and spa, BBQ areas, gyms, gardens, community centres, lounges, bars, croquet lawns and more. In each state and territory of Australia, the legislation that governs your chosen retirement village can differ slightly. When you get in touch with Centennial Living we can provide you with more information on this if you require it.


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