Top 10 Apps for the Elderly

Cropped shot a senior couple sitting on the sofa together during a relaxing day at home


Whether you’re wanting to stay connected with family and friends or extend your mental elasticity, there are iPhone and Android phone applications to make life a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. Smartphone applications can do so much more than just keep you connected and occupied, they can help keep you healthy and even save your life. From online banking and keeping your passwords safe to medication management or locating your phone when you’ve misplaced it, a simple app can assist with tasks you didn’t even know were possible. The best thing about having an app downloaded on your phone, is the fact that you can use them every day or access them whenever you want.



This popular messaging app is super easy to operate and uses your existing list of contacts currently stored on your smartphone. It allows you to send and receive texts via voice and typing, record and send voice messages, make standard voice calls and video calls. You can also send documents and images or even start a group chat with all your favourite people.


Emergency Plus

This app was developed by Australia’s 000 services and has GPS enabled so it will show your exact location if you are to call 000. It assists first responders to find you no matter where you are located.


Find My iPhone

This is an app that no one should be without, no matter what age you are. How many hours of your life have you spent looking for your smartphone when there is no one there to call it for you? Find My iPhone will help you locate your phone, no matter where it is, just make sure you have the app turned on and you can use your computer or another device to access its location remotely.



Keeping your mind active is easy with Lumosity. It’s an app designed to stimulate your brain with games and activities that aim to improve your memory, problem solving skills, attention span, processing speed and much more – and it’s fun!



This Australian-based medication app manages your prescriptions and reminds you to take your medication. It specifies dosages, instructions for consumption and gives you extra information on your different medications and their side effects.



Spotify is your one stop shop for music, podcasts, guided meditations and more. This streaming app is super easy to use and you can search for pretty much anything you feel like listening to. If you can’t decide, Spotify will make recommendations to you so you can discover lots of new favourites and learn plenty of new things.


The National Public Toilet Finder

This is one app you won’t regret downloading because when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. The Australian National Public Toilet Finder app shows almost 20,000 public toilets across the country.


Magnifier & Flashlight

There’s no doubt about it, your eyesight will start to deteriorate over time and a magnifier and flashlight will help enormously. Reading in low light is made easy with this app – small print, packaging, labels and finding things in the dark will be simple.


Express Plus Centrelink

This app was developed by the Department of Human Services in Australia and houses the Express Plus Families, Seniors and Medicare mobile apps in a single, easy to use interface that is tailored to each individual’s particular needs.



How often do you forget your password and end up having to change it over and over. LastPass stored any passwords you have, securely and in the one place so you can find them whenever you need.


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