Sustainable Living in Retirement

More and more Australians are making the effort to lead sustainable lifestyles. At Keilor Village, we’re glad to see the momentum behind eco-friendly trends growing, and even more proud to be host to a community that knows the value of an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

For those just starting to think about how they can start to shift their habits toward a greener way of being, we wanted to signpost a few ways you can incorporate eco-friendly habits into your everyday lifestyle. Some are set-and-forget, some can become a favoured pastime. How you choose to do eco-friendly is up to you, and you can look to us here for inspiration.


Composting is the first one, because you can get started immediately with only minimal materials and effort. Beyond that, you’ll be starting off on the right foot for a whole host of other green living activities. Collecting up your food scraps is a great way to avoid having them join everything else in the landfill, and lets you create your own mulch that is perfect for gardening.

Most of us will be familiar with the larger composting bins that you may have seen around community gardens, but you don’t have to be collecting food waste by the wheelbarrow load to be making a difference. For those looking for a compact option that’ll fit anywhere, you can get yourself a Bokashi bin. A smaller composting container that makes collecting your food scraps easy.

Growing your own veggies

Growing your own fruit and veg is something else. Talk to anyone you know that has a bit of a green thumb, and you’ll see immediately what we’re talking about. Nowadays, so many of us are kept at arm’s length from how our food is produced, and there is something truly special about trying our hand at doing things the way nature intended.

We encourage you to dive in on some gardening of your own – and reclaim that connection to your food by involving yourself in the process of growing it. Here at Keilor Village, we have a communal gardening area that gives our residents the chance to dive in on their own gardening projects. 

Working bees and volunteering

We’re fierce advocates for giving back. After all, it’s the community that makes life at Keilor Village special. And with the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic coming to a close, it appears there will be an entire winter’s worth of tidying up to do around Melbourne’s famous parklands.

Working bees are a great way to connect with like-minded people and contribute something to the local environment. It might be as simple as cleaning up rubbish and litter, or it could involve planting trees. A quick search online will turn up plenty of opportunities to get involved now that COVID-19 related restrictions have eased.

Discover life at Keilor Village

Keilor Village is home to a community of like-minded retirees that have enjoyed each other’s support through the difficulties and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the second wave passes, and we begin to resume our lives in ‘the new normal’, a return to the community driven activities is what we’re looking forward to most.

Eco-friendly get togethers and activities are likely to be a big feature in the calendar over the coming months. To find out more about life at Keilor Village, or our sister communities in Taylors Hill Village and Burnside Village, get in touch today.

You can give us a call at 1300 098 000 or leave an enquiry via our contact form.


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