The Benefits of Walking for Older People

Joyful group of senior friends wearing warm clothes walking along park alley and chatting animatedly with each other, picturesque view on background


Walking sounds like a pretty standard part of most people’s lives. But something we do most days can help enormously with the social life, health, wellbeing and fitness of elderly people. Being able to walk without assistance is also a strong indicator of whether or not someone is able to live independently. Elderly people who exercise regularly will be more likely to perform household duties, keep up a social life and live a normal life for longer.


Things to consider before walking for exercise

As we get older, our bodies and our general fitness will start to alter from when we were younger. If you have any pre-existing conditions that you think could be exacerbated by exercise then it’s always best to consult your doctor before taking on a new routine. Increasing your physical activity gradually is a fantastic way to enjoy more regular exercise.

Consider these questions before starting more strenuous exercise or walking longer distances:

–  Are there any exercises that I should be avoiding?

Could any illness or injury affect how I exercise?

How can I safely exercise if I have high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes or cardiovascular disease?


The benefits of elderly walking and other exercise

– Strengthens bones and muscles

– Helps reduce anxiety or depression

– Assists with weight control

– Lowers the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes

– Can help prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

– Reduces blood pressure in some people suffering with hypertension

– Builds balance and coordination

– Keep joints flexible

– Increases confidence and mood

– Improves energy levels and increases stamina

– Broadens social life and is a great way to keep fit together


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No matter what your fitness level is, walking will be great for you and your friends! Choose to walk at a slower pace for a bit longer to boost endurance, or keep your walks as shorter, quicker bursts to increase cardio fitness. At our retirement villages there are plenty of lovely areas for you to walk around and lots of new friends to make along the way.

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