The Value of the Living in a Retirement Village During COVID-19

Difficult times call for us to come together – even if that means remaining physically apart. See how the community at Keilor Village is dealing with COVID-19

The Value of Community in Overcoming COVID-19

This year has presented challenges to us all. Usually, we would be eager to take the opportunity to talk to you about how Keilor Village is a brilliant place to lead an active and stimulating lifestyle in retirement. At the moment, talking about activities and travel and getting together with friends just hurts to hear, as the COVID-19 pandemic has put a hold on so many aspects of lives together.

But it is important that we recognise the good that comes with community – especially in times such as this. In this article, we want to talk about what it means to be a part of the Keilor Village community. We want to let you know of the benefits that come with being a part of a retirement village filled with people that support one another.

A space where you will feel safe

First and foremost of our concerns throughout this time is the need for an enhanced commitment to safety and security. At Centennial Living villages, a range of measures and practices throughout the community have been put in place to assist our residents in practicing social distancing, and to minimise the risk of community transmission.

Working together, the freedom to avoid having to worry has come as a relief to so many of our residents, as they are assured of the commitment we and the broader Keilor Village community has made in seeking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Apart but not alone

Perhaps the greatest challenge for so many through this period has been the periods of isolation that come with social distancing and lockdown measures. Understanding why these measures are so important does not always help us feel better about the loneliness and isolation that comes with having to go without the interactions that we find comfort in. 

At Keilor Village, we take pride in the lengths each of our residents go to in ensuring that no one is alone in this time. Creative ways to stay connected, even ones as simple as neighbours rugging up to have morning tea on their respective front porches, are just part of how we ensure that we are getting through this pandemic together.

A community to connect with

We are always eager to express that it is the sense of community that makes Keilor Village special. Much like our sister communities Burnside Village and Taylors Hill Village. Typically, a day in the life of a Keilor Village resident would include a broad range of activities. Both those that you could undertake in your own time while making the most of our resort-style facilities, or amongst a group of people enjoying an opportunity to connect. 

But the present situation makes activities like these impossible. We cannot share facilities, and we cannot risk community transmission by congregating in groups. But this does not mean that we are without an opportunity to connect with those around us.

Village managers have made an even greater commitment to ensuring that each resident has someone checking in on them. Group activities organised via tv channels and other mediums help foster a sense of connection even when every effort is being taken to remain apart physically. With care taken to incorporate social distancing some walking groups have taken place when the restrictions were permitting.

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Keilor Retirement Village is where you’ll find a community that knows the value of connection and supports each other through difficult times. With village management and a nurse onsite during business hours providing their knowledge and guidance, you’ll be supported as we all do our best to stay healthy through the pandemic.

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