What to Ask When Looking for A Retirement Village

Home is where the heart is – we have all heard this saying before, but it’s up to us to choose how we interpret it. Where we live and where we have a great deal of personal history is a matter that needs to be treated with respect.

Where we decide to live in retirement is just as important. The chance to make this decision is an opportunity to reshape our lives. It’s a chance to create a new home for ourselves that more closely matches what we want from our living spaces and the community around us.

All decisions require consideration. We want to take a moment to talk about how you can ensure that you’re asking the right sorts of questions when looking for a retirement village. Dive in here with us to learn more.


Perhaps the most important aspect of your search is going to be finding out as much as you can about the accommodation options that are available. Community is everything with us at Burnside Retirement Village, but your actual living spaces should be one of your primary considerations.

When looking at retirement communities, we encourage you to ask questions about the sorts of arrangements that are available to you. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that our Burnside Retirement Village, and sister communities, Latrobe Village in Reservoir, Cameron Close Village Burwood, Bundoora Village, Long Island Village in Seaford and Keilor Retirement Villages, have the option of taking up residence in a serviced apartment.

Security and safety measures

We encourage you to consider what you would like from your choice of retirement village when it comes to safety and security. A place such as ours at Burnside Retirement Village has some important features that help ensure the safety of our residents.

Each village is host to a qualified nurse that can step in to help with any concerns you might have. Every apartment in our villages is equipped with a 24 hour emergency call system in case there is ever an issue that needs prompt attention.

The financial side of things

Money isn’t everyone’s favourite subject. But understanding the financial commitments you take on when making the move into a retirement village is an important part of the process. This point in particular is one where we recommend enlisting the help of a professional, like an accountant or financial planner or solicitor. They can help you understand the sorts of commitments you can make and will ensure that everything is appropriate to your needs.

A visit to our Burnside community is where you will get the chance to learn more about how financial matters and expenses are handled by us at Centennial Living. It will also be a chance to learn more about our satisfaction guarantees, unit buy-back schemes and the contract types that we offer to our future residents.

Get in touch to find out more

Burnside Retirement Village  is where you can find a community of like-minded individuals who have made the move for a more fulfilling retirement.. While looking for the retirement village that is the right fit for you, we encourage you to reach out to us at Centennial Living by calling 1300 098 000, or filling out a contact form today.


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