Fitness at Taylors Hill

Retirement is an opportunity to make changes to the way that you approach so many things in your life. With your work obligations taking a back seat, you’ll find you have more time on your hands to look after the things that mean the most to you. Many of our residents find the first few months with us at Taylors Hill Retirement Village utterly transformative.

One such change that you will find among our residents is the ease with which they feel they can incorporate a deeper commitment to their health and wellbeing. Whether this takes the form of new exercise related hobbies, or a furthering of health-related things like cooking, there is so much here to support a new healthy lifestyle.

A chance to find your way of moving

The value of exercise cannot be overstated. At Taylors Hill Retirement Village, we’re all about creating and maintaining an environment in which our residents feel they have the facilities they need to find their own way of getting themselves moving with an exercise routine.

Second only to diet, exercise is perhaps the most important thing that a person can do for themselves. Engaging in a productive exercise regimen not only helps maintain a healthy weight and boosts your sense of physical wellbeing, it can also be an excellent way to engage with others socially and enjoy the company of a group of like-minded individuals.

Overcome obstacles to your fitness at Taylors Hill

Life at Taylors Hill Retirement Village is all about feeling part of a community. Those who know best are talking more and more about the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Nowadays, a lack of movement is being touted as one of the leading causes of physical decline in later life. But it is still common that we experience our own physical and mental obstacles when it comes to our health and wellbeing.

Physical aches and pains are one thing, but they can often be accommodated with the right sorts of diet and exercise. The more common trouble is finding the motivation and the desire to make positive changes that will positively affect your physical fitness and mental wellbeing. The best approach is simply getting out there and keeping at it. Even your fittest friends will tell you that exercise is all about momentum.

Fitness facilities at Taylors Hill

Taylors Hill boasts a range of resort style facilities that make it a pleasure to get out there and move. Whether it’s a morning visit to the indoor heated pool, or an afternoon game of bowls with your new friends in the community, there is a way to get moving that will suit you here with us at Taylors Hill.

Get in touch to find out more

Taylors Hill Retirement Village is home to a community of residents that are looking to maintain an active and stimulating lifestyle. To find out more about life at Taylors Hill, reach out by calling 1300 098 000, or filling out a contact form today.


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