Five Ways to Reconnect as Restrictions Ease

This year has been a battle for everyone. But with COVID-19 almost eliminated across Australia, and restrictions gradually easing – it looks like we’re set for a return to life as normal! With Summer and the Christmas period just around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to look at some ways that you can start to reconnect with those you might not have been able to see much of in the past six to twelve months.

Start Simple

So many of us are eager to get out there and back to our normal lives as quickly as possible. But it’s important to recognise that we’re all undergoing our own transitions and packing your schedule full might be the wrong way to go about things. We recommend reaching out for simple meetups – things like coffee, walks, maybe a low-pressure meet together at a local venue you know and love. This way of doing things makes it easy to stay COVID-normal smart and stave off any of that fatigue that might come with a big and sudden return to socialising.

Try New Things

The lockdowns have had all of us doing different things to stay busy and keep ourselves entertained. But the easing of restrictions also brings with it plenty of opportunities to act on that desire to change things up! Take a look around for things that interest you. It might be a good opportunity to book things in with friends and family or make entirely new connections!

Play Host

If you’re a natural born host – you won’t need to be told twice. But everyone should try putting something on for their friends and family at some point. With the restrictions on congregating inside soon to be a distant memory, this might be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for to show off that signature dish of yours.

Plan a Trip Away

The temporary border between Melbourne and the rest of Victoria has lifted – and plenty of people have been eager to make the most of it! We encourage you to get out into regional communities and enjoy plenty of what they have to offer. After the bushfires at the start of the year, and the hit so many tourism dependent towns took throughout the lockdowns, you’ll be doing a great thing!

Don’t Miss the Lessons

This year has been incredibly difficult for so many people around the world. But hard times are often an opportunity to learn about ourselves and others. As restrictions ease, and we resume the new-normal – it’s important that you do something to reconnect with yourself and what you’ve experienced this year. 

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